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About the

i3C Artists


To inspire awareness for the human-made climate crisis & to inspire change/action towards the resolution of the environmental and climate crisis. We do this through iterations of group exhibits and meaningful community outreach programming.


Each proposed exhibit by the i3C artists group is a new iteration in a series of exhibits that originated as a 5 artists' show at the Multicultural Arts Center (Cambridge, MA) in 2020. 

That exhibit later expanded to a 10-artists' show, curated by artist and scientist Adriana G. Prat, at honey jones studio Gallery (Cambridge, MA) in 2021.

Curator Adriana G. Prat started the i3C artists group, identifying and adding new artists, to continue with the goal of inspiring change and action for the environmental and climate crisis. The i3C artists group has currently 30 multidisciplinary artists (and counting...) from New England, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and Canada. The i3C artists' diverse backgrounds and art practices contribute to their shared commitment to the topic of the environmental crisis.

The group's exhibits are conceived as an evolving and ongoing project, with iterations in different venues to continue with the i3C artists group's mission.

The curator’s expectation is that more artists will be invited to join the roster over time, with a special interest in artists engaged in sustainable art practices. The group is currently at capacity until further notice. If you are interested in joining, please contact us and mention your email, website, art process and practice, how your work fits the mission of our group, and how you can help our group thrive.


Looking forward...

After last year's exciting shows at Brickbottom Gallery (Somerville, MA), the new gallery space of Cambridge Arts Association (CAA), CAA @ Canal (Cambridge, MA), the Piano Craft Gallery and the Scollay Square Gallery/Boston City Hall (both in Boston, MA), we finished the year with a show at the Multicultural Arts Center (Cambridge, MA).

We kicked off 2024 at LexArt and soon we will exhibit at the Hopkinton Center for the Arts (Hopkinton, MA) and later at the Higgins Gallery at the Cape Cod Community College. We are actively lining up exhibits and events for 2025!

Stay tuned for more updates about future exhibits and events from our group in this website and through our newsletter (sign in for our mailing list at the bottom of this page).

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