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i3C Friends

We are proud to have the following groups or individuals as Friends of the i3C Artists group, and sharing our values and goals:


Organizations, Groups and Collectives:

CLIMARTE (Melbourne, Australia):

CLIMARTE is an initiator, an educator and a catalyst for artists and arts organizations to engage in climate-focused and socially engaged exhibitions and events. CLIMARTE works to harness the creative power of the arts to inform, engage and inspire action towards a fairer, zero emissions future. Bringing together a broad alliance from across the arts, humanities and sciences, CLIMARTE advocates for immediate, effective and creative action to restore a climate capable of sustaining all life.

ART from HEART CIC (London, UK):

ART from HEART CIC is a women-led, non-profit, London-based arts Organisation curating, organising and managing art exhibitions and events with socio-cultural purpose. ART from HEART was Co-founded by Artists Judit Prieto and Beatriz Perez to advocate for women and environmental issues, and to engage audiences through artivism. ART from HEART is committed to support multimedia artists responding to these issues through their creative practice.


Melissa Corbett (Cuenca, Spain):

Originally from Australia, Melissa Corbett lives in Spain and has recently exhibited a range of pieces in the Spanish cities of Madrid and Cuenca. Working across a variety of mediums - printmaking, painting, comics, collage and drawing; the artists’ work has been described as “whimsical” while engaging with contemporary issues and social movements. Through her recent major works, "Dead River" and "Hotter Than Hell" Melissa has been exploring the effects of environmental degradation and climate change in her country of origin. She is currently studying an MA in Arts Practice and Visual Culture at UCLM University (Spain). In Australia, Melissa studied screen printing at Monash University and exhibited works in group exhibitions in Melbourne.

Deborah Hart (Melbourne, Australia):

Deborah Hart is a climate and environment focused creative producer and writer based in Narrm (Melbourne). After 16 years working in development roles with leading Australian arts and culture organisations—as increasingly neoliberal government policies were forcing important public organisations to form ever-closer alliances with harmful industries—Deborah left her profession in order to devote more time to climate activism. Deborah founded LIVE (Locals Into Victoria’s Environment, 2006) and later co-founded CLIMARTE (2010) and ClimActs (2013) to harness the creative arts and combine spectacle, humour and direct action to draw attention to the climate emergency, and the corruption causing it. Deborah is the author of Guarding Eden: Champions of Climate Action (Allen & Unwin, 2015) which tells inspiring personal stories showing how and why highly destructive, polluting industries that built immense wealth and influence last century are now using that power recklessly to protect their profits, and the inspiring actions ordinary citizens are taking to safeguard nature and humanity’s future.

M. Annenberg (NY, NY):

M. Annenberg is a Conceptual artist. Her paintings, sculptures, installations and videos focus on under-reported stories in American media, from 9/11 to climate change.

As part of her numerous exhibits, M. Annenberg has organized panels with scientific experts and advocates, including NASA Director Dr. Gavin Schmidt; and she has lectured on environmental and climate crisis topics. M. Annenberg has curated and co-curated exhibits including the recent Earth on the Edge, at Ceres Gallery, with guest speaker Dr. Klaus Jacob, Geophysicist, Earth Institute. Her paintings are in the permanent collections of museums in Lithuania, Israel, England and the USA.

M. Annenberg's activism lies in combining art and journalism - comparing the importance of climate studies by major scientific organizations - and how they are or are not reported. Her mixed media and conceptual artworks ironically employ the tools of investigative journalism to critique the absence of the presence of critically important news stories.

Joana Alarcão (Portugal):

Joana Alarcão is a Portuguese interdisciplinary eco-artist, writer, and podcast host who works predominantly within the concepts of social and environmental justice.

In 2020, Joana established the magazine Insights of an Eco Artist, which documents the impact and correlation art interventions have on social, political, and environmental global contemporary atmospheres. Since then, the magazine has collaborated with multiple artists and projects around the globe.

In her studio practice, using natural paints, charcoal, and sculpting materials, Joana creates sculptures, installations, and paintings, developing a line of discourse around modern slavery, climate crisis refugees, and current political atmospheres. One of the conductor lines in her practice is the exploration of the human body, be it through sculpting, painting, or by exploring the physicality of her own body and strength and how they relate to nature.

As a writer, Joana has worked with several magazines and the NGOs Creative Conscious and Arts Help.

Will McMillan (Boston, MA):

Will is a singer/songwriter who has performed in pops orchestras, rock bands, folk trios, a cappella choirs, jazz ensembles, and musical theater.  After years of doing music part-time, McMillan — a three-time IRNE award winner from the Independent Reviewers of New England — is now able to focus on writing, recording, releasing and teaching music full-time. 

His sense of urgency about climate change is strong and has inspired him to simplify his life (no car, no cell phone), to become a member of local organic farm's CSA (yum!) and to write many songs and blog posts.

You are welcome to visit Will’s blog or website, and listen to Will’s "We're Running A Big Experiment".

Elina Yumasheva (London, UK):

Elina Yumasheva’s art captures an emotional response to social and environmental issues. Gestural, rich in textures, shapes and forms, often in monochrome, her works are an exploration of psychological landscapes. Often intuitive, the act of making art contains an inherent message and is inseparable from the painting itself. She is committed to positively impacting the world through her personal and professional activities.

Wearable Art:

Andrew Tidd (Allston, MA):

Upcycled items by Andrew Tidd, photographer and mixed media artist living in Allston, MA. Andrew’s collection is inspired by wine artwork too interesting to end up as landfill.

Suzanne Watzman (Cambridge, MA):

Suzanne’s “Inspired Essentials” are handmade products using reclaimed or sustainably produced materials. Along with her passion for mixing new and reclaimed materials, Suzanne is inspired by her global explorations, local colors, cultures, and artisans.

Everyday Jane (Oshkosh, WI):

Upcycled clothes made with secondhand and vintage materials, based in Oshkosh, WI. One-of-a-kind & handmade wearables spreading some love.


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