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Ideas for Change/Solutions

These are some ideas of Individual Actions for Environmental & Climate Crisis:

Thinking small steps goes a long way…

  • Watch your behavior

    • Eat more plant-based diet & less industrially-produced meat

    • Avoid consumption & waste

      • Reduce food waste

      • Compost

      • Say NO to single-use plastics

      • Watch out for fashion industry: Repair where possible for clothes or other household items!

      • Use the 5 Rs of sustainability: Refuse, reduce, reuse, repurpose & recycle

    • Walk or bike if you can; avoid air travel if possible

    • Do what is in your capacity

  • Connect to Nature

    • It will not only boost your happiness, health and well-being but also remind you of what needs to be preserved

  • Stay informed

    • Read from reliable organizations and groups

  • Follow/Volunteer/Donate

    • Praise eco responsive businesses

    • Support local & national environmental organizations with same mission

      • i3C Artists Group supports the organizations listed in the section below.

  • Vote

    • Local & national representatives that support environmental priorities

  • Communicate: Spark conversations with friends and family

    • Learn from each other

  • Do not stop here: We must act together!

    • We need individual action AND collective action

i3C Artists support

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